About Us

The IBL group employs over 1000 people and is one of the largest steam boiler manufacturer in India. The group is led by the dynamic Homai Engineer who is the Chairperson and Managing Director. The companies under the IBL group are : Industrial Boilers Ltd. (Manufacturer of Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, ESP, Autoclaves) IB Turbo Pvt Ltd. (Manufacturer of Steam Turbines)

With a vast pool of highly talented and experienced engineers, IBL has continued to maintain its reputation as a Research Powerhouse in Boilers.

With Boiler technology flowing thru our veins, IBL is the international market leader in the field of Biomass Boilers and at the very cutting edge of technology. Our research is 5 to 10 years ahead of time so that we can foresee developments and provide absolutely latest technology to our customers. Our rich history coupled with innovation is our strength.

Today IB Turbo has repeated Turbine business from most of the customers. With focus on quality and a formidable reputation, IB Turbo now manufactures' turbines for the world markets. Hundreds' of Turbines are in operation in India and also exported to Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh amongst other countries.

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